Selection of OJK Board of Commissioners Entering Stage 4

Good evening, hot data coverage good chum back empty, yeah I tried to provide data concerning the range of the Financial Services Commissioner selection, so seem to be intently ...

Without feeling the range for the range of the Financial Services Authority Board of Commissioners has reached the 4th degree and has been announced candidates who've handed the selection. From the data I recognize that candidates from nonbank monetary institutions are very minimal.

It was famous that Isa Rachmawati, who's these days the Head of the Insurance Bureau of the Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency, and Firdaus Djaelani who's the Executive Head of LPS, has been chose simply due to the fact the 21st candidate for the Dean of the Financial Services Authority Commissioner.

The coverage business feels represented by means of way of the escape of the NULL figures, but unfortunately this determine can't be adopted by means of way of figures from the finance business simply due to the fact none of the candidates from the business handed the competency experiment selection.

As lengthy simply due to the fact the data that I can provide, I desire this data is terrific for all of you.


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