Selection of the OJK Board of Commissioners Reaches the Fit and Proper Test Stage

Good morning, friend, Insurance, Hot News how are you all, hopefully everything is in nice health. This morning I gave news in regards to the continuation of the establishment of the Financial Services Authority Board of Commissioners via the government.

Currently the range activity for candidates for the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority has reached the level of fit and actual experiment within the DPR, this experiment started on June 7-14 and the effects could be announced on June 19.

There have been 14 names who did this fit and actual test, namely: Mulia Nasution, Nelson Tampubolon, Riswinandi, Nurhaida, Rachmat Waluyanto, Isa Rachmatarwata, Firdaus Djaelani, Ilya Avianti, Rijani Tirtoso, Kusumaningtuti, Yunus Husein, Wayan Agus Mertayasa, Muliaman Haddad and Achjar Iljas.

In the activity of decency and feasibility testing, the Indonesian Parliament didn't work by myself but concerned a host of institutions to acquire enter concerning the music list of the integrity of every candidate tested. The House of Representatives Commission XI invited a few institutions corresponding to Perbanas Himbara, Perbarindo, coverage associations, capital markets and monetary institutions to get input.

Not in basic terms that, the PPATK (Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center) and the BIN (State Intelligence Agency) have been invited to grasp a closed assembly concerning secrecy concerning the candidates being tested. Not to neglect also the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission XI also invited Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) corresponding to Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) and Indonesian Consumer Institution Foundation (YLKI).

From right the following we see the sincerity of the govt. in forming the Financial Services Authority Board of Commissioners, via embracing all circles of society anticipated to get the finest effects from the finest for the growth of the Indonesian economy.

I first explained this information, hopefully what is aspired via this country can quickly be discovered for our typical prosperity.


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